The CrazyClinic Podcast

the podcast all about you!

About our podcast

The podcast where we talk all about you! 

All the uncanny, bizarre, outlandish, unconventional, and down right CRAZY things about you!

 We talk about the abnormal habits, thoughts, fears, etc; basically, anything people do OR think OR believe, that they or others find crazy and tell them just how crazy they really are! 

We dive into the background and psychology of the topic in our history segment AND take a look at what a license psychologist might have to say about you.

We also give you a couple cases of the topic taken to the extreme!

Ending each episode by rating the topic with our very own 1 -5 #CrazyClinicCrazyScale

PLEASE, send us an email at and tell us the CRAZY thing you do and/or think, a story to go along with it, and how it makes you feel. 

(Do you think you're crazy?!) 

Your email may be selected  as our episode topic, as well as, read and discussed on the show!

(Who doesn't love a shout out??)

Please remember that this is a comedy and entertainment podcast. There may be graphic and explicit content in the audio and on the website and social media.  “The CrazyClinic Podcast may contain language and content that some audiences find crude, vulgar, or objectionable. This show is intended for adults only. If you are uptight, puritanical, easily offended, or lacking a sense of humor, please be advised this may not be the podcast for you.  

Meet The Hosts!


Megan is a fun loving sensitive soul with a dark side! You can find her enjoying some of the most gruesome horror movies, indulging in wine, and cuddling with her lovely puppy, Chewy!  She is always open to hearing about the down right crazy and discussing with Alex just how crazy people actually are! The CrazyClinic Podcast is the perfect opportunity to share her love for the gruesome and insane along with taking pleasure in her fav wines!

 Alex is a Claims Analyst by day and a judgmental, wanna be psychologist by night! She enjoys sipping on a glass of anything with alcohol and researching the abnormal human mind and trying to understand it. She isn't afraid to say whatever crosses her mind. Even if that means telling you she believes you're absolutely bat shit crazy! The CrazyClinic Podcast is a chance for her to enjoy her hobby even more and adds plenty of opportunity to drink! 


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